Reduced flight schedules and current entry / exit requirements


Thanks for the reply, even if it wasn't what I was hoping. I have heard conflicting opinions on this though, with some of my Argentine friends saying watch this space with regards to the up coming elections and loosening of entry restrictions.
It seems you spoke with my husband, but I still think that whomever says those things, is a believer and should do a reality check. This Government doesn't care what other people or countries or companies or airlines think. For decades, they have had terrible international relationship with all modern countries, never cared if they ranked poorly in terms of transparency, data on poverty, taxes etc... I don't really think they care about the 45k Argentinian stranded abroad and what airline thinks or what the world think about limiting freedom in Argentina.

We can get away with most shit the Ks throw at the fan, but not this time when airlines (which HAVE TO comply and have no workaround) are involved.
This time, the shit hit the fan... and US.

Ronnie Hotdogs

I would guess if you have a DNI then you would have used that when they gave you your appointment.
I still hadn’t received mine so used passport number when I requested the test. Then botti doesn’t recognise it.


You can get vaccinated without a DNI. In CABA call to register with a person over the phone and give them the passport number. Give them an email and/or cell so they send you the link to book an appointment when available.


flights to/from DFW are already suspended and not part of their reduced schedule. i can't imagine that route would reopen suddenly after aug 6, but it's possible i guess. there are a number of flights from MIA, so my advice would be to get to MIA and fly that way instead of direct.

but more than this, there is very little chance she will be able to enter anyway in august in my opinion. it likely will be some months still before tourists or people without residency are able to enter.
Thanks for the reply. I appreciate it. Yeah, i figure the same as you. I assume AA will try to rebook through Miami or my mom can try and do it. My worry is the restrictions imposed on foreigners without Argentine Residency or Passport.

My family in law is trying to be positive and say that they would grant her entry because it's a special case, but if there's anything i know for sure is that Argentina is complicated with all bureaucracy and if you don't have your papers in order they won't let you board the plane.

I guess I'll just have to wait for August 6th and hope for a miracle.


I sympathise with you in your situation: my baby granddaughter has just arrived several weeks early (kids eh? never do what you want them to do) so I understand how you and your mum must be feeling. There are some rare humanitarian exceptions to the "citizens and residents only" rule which will probably depend on a)your status in Argentina b)your baby's father's status in Argentina and c)an awful lot of bureaucracy so please don't hold out too much hope, but do look into it. The UK page at has some information, advice and some links and I would imagine your mum's country's foreign department (Canada?) will have something similar. Good luck and I hope it works out for you all.
Thanks for the info and your message. I might get my mom to call the Argentine consulate in Toronto maybe they can help.