Registering baby in Argentina- passport question!


there is nothing automatic.

You should wait for babys partida de nacimiento and DNI. For me it took months.
DNM refused to start the case for parents until baby`s DNI arrives.

I`m waiting for my DNI even more. From birth of a baby I have zero documents apart from precaria, my Argentinian baby is soon 8 months!

Also there is a lot of discrimination, they threat parents of Argentinian babies like the lowest cast, worse then those are guys from Mercosur in the DNM hierarchy. So they really made some bolivian wait because here I am a european parent of an argentinian. At the same time they have priority for visas transitorias -it is pure cash. Made me wait with a baby in hands for some hours because guess what? Out of the sudden came up visas transitorias to enlighten their room.

You also have to bring a lot of documents, they can damage it, or even ask you to translate Spanish to Spanish or refuse to accept your documents.

If somebody have idea how to make it without months of pointless waiting and many not reasonable refuses – let us know.
thanks for your reply Kula, am sorry about all you had to go tru, its really not fair how you were treated, does it mean that there are lots of discrimination in Argentina...WOW thats serious!!!


You also can apply for citizenship with just the papers i told you about plus address certificate, they adk for the bieth certificate if the baby, no DNI.
Okay thank you and pls how long can it take to get the citizenship, also pls can you recommend any reliable lawyer or agent that can help with all of this documentations and processes. Thanks a lot for your time