Reliable Way to get USD to Argentina now


This thread is about a USD - USD transaction. (this is why i did not grasp the point about the official rate above as it has nothing to do with this)

Based on the input from Sojourner (and this is also how I interprete it), you can indeed go to an Arg bank and have the USD in cash afterwards. My mother in law went to the bank a couple of months earlier and emptied her USD account (and got USD). You have to get a turno beforehand with the bank.

HOWEVER: I would not use the USD account to deposit big sums or leave it there for a long time. (you never know what is going to happen here). For moderate USD transaction - if indeed it is possible as mentioned by HenryNisenal and Sojourner - then this seems a reasonable way of getting USD to Argentina. Probably also wise to split the full amount into smaller amounts, i.e. various transactions. [I used private persons who are dealing with pesos / USD for these kind of transactions; i.e. I transfer USD to a USD account in the US and I get USD bills here in Buenos Aires. The fees also vary between 2.5 and 4%. But especially if you don't know the persons very well, this is obviously not without risk]