Renters visa vs. Tourists visa


Nov 3, 2009
I believe only felonies show up on the FBI report.

People are granted residency with felonies, at least with one, usually. I don't know how immigrations would view multiple felonies - that could very well be a problem.

I have a friend who applied for her visa with a felony for a really small stupid thing on her FBI report - no jail time served, from 1982. She was recently granted the precaria and told that her visa application for temporary would take about twice as long because it does have to go through an additional review process.

The only problem that was expected was that she may have to pay a little coima to get the immigrations attorney to pass the residency along and not drag it out for months or a year or two, which is within their power to do. When you see a pinch point (in other words the possibility is given someone to hold something up, but that person will not get in trouble for passing it along either - just "greasing the wheels"), you can expect a good possibility for coima.