Residency Issue - Grace Period?


Jul 19, 2015
My residencia rentista expires Sept 8.

Ten weeks ago, I was in the USA. I gathered my documents, got all signatures and sent them to the California Sec of State for apostille. About 6 weeks later, UPS notified me that my documents were in the UPS system and headed to Buenos Aires. A week later, the UPS envelope with my residency documents arrived.

The request for apostille was rejected by the CA Sec of State. The notary's signature on the "acknowledgement" did not match the signature on file at the CA Sec of State."Acknowledgement" is the official term for the form that legalizes any signed document.

With only 2.5 weeks left until expiry of my residency, I got a friend to hire a messenger, who then dropped another set of residency documents at the CA Sec of State dropbox in Los Angeles. But due to residual pandemic issues, all apostilles are significantly delayed and my documents will not arrive by the Sept 8 expiration of my residency. What a bummer.

Question: does anyone have experience/knowledge of late submission of documents for residency?

Answers with familiarity with the actual law on this matter are preferred.

Log into RADEX and start the process BEFORE September 8. Pay the application fee. Then you either wait till you have all the docs and submit them then after the 8th or you submit your application before September 8 and and just bring the missing documents at the interview.
You do have a 30 day grace period but it becomes more complicated I think if you wait after the 8th as the system is not very smart.

I would personally submit whatever I have prior to the 8th and then just fill in the missing gaps later. That's my 2 cents;/
When they check your documents they send you an e mail is they see a missing document. They give you 3 months before they send an ultimatum with not serious consequences.