Residency or Immigration info

I don’t think you can have the passport for the baby on time. For maling the birth certificate you have to schedule an appointment at the citihall, not always very close in time. You can apply and your wife, or your wife on behalf of you, but she will have to stay longer. Do not forget to do a travel permit for the baby or she is not going to be able to leave the coubtry with him/her.
Both, my wife and I plan to travel together. We will come back to visit after 6 months. Can I schedule the cityahall appointment online now?
Hello, I am new to this site. I hope I am using the forum correctly.

I have a question regarding temporary residency as a rentista. I have almost everything in place. Banco de La Nacion staff tell me that the Banco Central prohibits them opening accounts for foreigners with less than one year of temporary or permanent residency in the country--they passed me a copy of the normativa issued by Banco Central where it does indeed state this. But the fundamental condition to be issued a one-year temporary residency as a rentista in the first place is that you deposit your funds into a account operated a financial institution approved by the Banco Central. So I am in a catch 22. Has anyone else come across this conundrum?