Reverse Expat


Jun 8, 2007
Is anybody here interested in the perspective from someone that experienced the feeling of being an expatriate in a country some of you call home (the US)?
Is anybody interested in an opinion from an Argentine point of view, even though in my case it may be somewhat outdated?
Just in case, here is my basic background:
I was born, raised, and educated in Argentina and emigrated to the US when I was 25, where I have made a life for the past 27 years as an engineer. I am considering a return to Argentina in a few years, and that is what brought me to discover this forum. I read very interesting postings, I see good thoughts, advise and facts, as well as obviously irrational and "far out" comments and personal attacks.
Regards to everyone.
Guille -- What kind of engineer are you? Did you finish your degree in Argentina or in the States? If your degree is from Argentina, did you need to do any other coursework in order to work as an engineer in the US, or was the degree accepted on par?
Thanks for your answers.
syngirl..... I am an electronic engineer. I graduated from the UBA (University of Buenos Aires, a tuition-free university, btw) which served me very well and was accepted on par in the US job market. After a few years here I went to graduate school here and again my degree was accepted on par by simply getting an official transcript from UBA and having it translated. I never felt I had a problem with my technical knowledge and my educational background, quite the contrary I think my education was quite a bit broader than that many EE's here. I am now VP of Product Development of an electronic instruments company, have had my hands on the design of many products and have a few patents to my name. I hope that helps. Fishface...I will do another post a little later.