Running: Buenos Aires Marathon


Oct 5, 2008
Is anyone out there running the BA marathon next weekend?

If so, or if you just want to run in general, I am interested in meeting up.
that is hilarious! my name is also vanessa and i met my current running partner, another vanessa, through a forum for east london life, we run in hackney, london. we've been running now for nearly two years, and i will be looking to find a regular running partner for when i am in buenos aires, as of the beginning of november. i would like to enter some half marathons and 10k runs for 2009. it seems fated that i would meet another vanessa with whom to run with!

you can send me a private message or email me at: bell underscore vanessa at
speak soon.
I no longer run, but why not create a social group for runners.
Simply go to your profile and look for group memberships go to social goups and go to create social group.
I'm a local guy that enjoys running. Trying to reach 21k. 50 minutes for 10k..
In my own opinion Puerto Madero , specially the squares behind the docks, is the best zone to run in Buenos Aires because security level you can have there. I think it's better than Palermo area...
I'm a usual runner there. I run with a group commanded by a trainer.

More people from hackney! Brilliant.
I miss stokey....

Me and the missus go running in the palermo woods, we'd be up for some more running partners. Both planning on doing the 10k.