Sailing in BA


Aug 18, 2008
I've been living in BA with my wife since last November. I am an avid sailor and raced a lot (Lasers and other dinghies) before moving here. Over the last couple of months, my wife and I have been sailing a bit on J24s at the Argentine Yatch Club, but I would like to set-up something more frequent.
Are there any Expats with boats looking for crew or looking to get together to rent boat on a regular basis? Or any other ideas on how to get out on the water?
Hey -- I've actually been looking to get back into windsurfing / sailing. I grew up sailing lasers / laser IIs, 420s, pirates, hobies etc etc but haven't raced since I was a teenager. I sent you a note with my background and email -- if you don't mind somene rather rusty out in the boat I'd love to get out on the water again.
Wanting to revive this thread -
We are in BA for 3 months and my husband and I are both avid sailors. We owned a sail boat in Melbourne and belonged to the RBYC. Between us we have about 1,000 sea miles (many two-handed) in Port Philip Bay, Bass Strait, Whitsunday Islands and the Gulf of Thailand. We would like very much to get into the sailing scene here, but are not sure how to approach it. The Aussie way of show up at the sailing club on a Sat afternoon to join the pursuit races fell flat as we couldn't even get past security. The welcoming Aussie way of c'mon on our boat we need crew - doesn't seem to be the way it works. We realize it isn't exactly sailing season but we sailed year round in Melbourne and this weekend was just perfect. It was hard to see all the boats out there and not be on one.
Does anyone have any connections in the sailing world here in BsAs?
I think I once saw a sailing thread on TripAdvisor, the BA forums. There is a permanent local crowd in there, and a guy who does boat trips at the Delta who might be able to help you.

Good luck!