San Telmo Bakery


Jun 18, 2005
I find most of the bakeries in my area, San Telmo, a little boring. I dont need bagels and donuts, but i just dont care for the standard bakery fare here. the same items in each one basically. Im sure Palermo hollywood is different though, like park avenue in nyc is different.

For those of you in the San Telmo area, theres a small bakery-food shop called Harlem that you may have missed. Look for the rather old fashioned black-faced sign in the window. The small selection of baked items is baked at home. i had the lemon poppy seed muffin yesterday, 2.50, and it was perfect. the bread is good too. some oatmeal cookies, not sure if they make those too.

if someone has any other san telmo tips, id like to hear them. someone recommended a restaurant near my apt. and i checked out the menu, milenesa, pizza, bife de chorizo, ravioles. Cant get your steak with spinach or corn, just potatoes or salad. i think ive read that menu before. heheh