screens for windows


Apr 30, 2006
I´ve NEVER seen screens on windows in 3.5 years Argentina. Do they exist here? I bet they have them in Misiones at least. Do they have them at the hardware store here in CABA? I just need the material, as I can manage to put it in the window myself.

Btw, my boyfriend laughed when I asked him if we can go get screens for the window in our room. Although last night he had a huge welt on his arm from a mosquito we couldn´t seem to locate.

If no one has experience with this, I will go to the hardware myself and post my findings.
They are very common in houses, in general apartments do not have with these crazy mosquitoes and dengue I am planning on getting some myself too.
Our house has screens in most of the windows. Of course they all needed repair but yes it has them.

Funny... my father in law is totally obsessed with killing mosquitos in his house. He has screens in his windows AND has a big freakin air conditioner in the kitchen/dining/living room. But he insists on having the door standing wide open to the terrace because it's too hot. And then gets mad as hell at the mosquitos and spends the entire dinner running around with a towel killing them. Dinner AND a show. Cool.

I would imagine that EASY has screens for windows as well.
After six years living here, we finally got screens last week. You have to take the measurements very carefully and have them made. Ours turned out great, and it's quite a relief from the mosquitoes.