seeking advice from gym rats

Which is the best place to buy weights, good quality stuff in CF.
i would like some 3, 5, 10 pound weights or there kg comparisons
i do not care about quality of them at all
i live in villa crespo
what might be nearest location to me
send me a message please
I'm moving down there soon. I am a bit of a health nut. I'm currently on a daily regimen that includes a couple of different supplements including: fish oil, flax seed, B6, B12, protein powder, and creatine. For those of you who work out, do you know if any of these are available in BsAs? If so, what is the price range (particularly creatine)? I've been going under the assumption that these are not readily available. I was going to bring a 6 month supply with me, but am fairly certain this stuff will draw unwanted attention from customs. I've been reading the forums here for a while, and have read several horror stories. If I can't get these supplements in BsAs, what should I do? Should I bring them with me and possibly pay a tax on them, or should I send them to myself via FedEx or DHL? Any feedback is appreciated. Suggestions on gyms in Palermo Soho (I know, typical tourist neighborhood) are also welcome. Thanks guys.

I came thru a couple of weeks ago with a 3+ month month supply of vitamins, protein powder, creatine and C4 pre workout drink. All the containers were sealed and had no problems. Woman asked me if I was carrying food, said no and just explained all part of my workout supplies for the gym. We Don't rely on buying supplements here as I have heard from other friends that the quality can be different between 2 cans coming off the same shelf.
Megatlon has several plans and levels: Vip plus, Platino and Platino Plus. The higher the plan the more Megatlon gyms you can enter. The top level Megatlon is in Pilar and the new one in Puerto Madero. The one in Alto Palermo used to be open 24 hours but do to people fornicating in the showers at night they decided to close at night time. At least, that's what one of the gym professors told me. You can check at the hours, class schedules and different Megatlon gyms on their website.
I had a horrible experience with Megatlon today- i so do not recommend them. I joined the Caballito gym for the month, as that is where I was living but unexpectedly had to move to Palermo- I asked the Caballito one if i could switch my remaining ten days. I was told I had to call back to speak to one person. I called several times and no one answered so went to the Alto Palermo one today and asked if i could switch over for my last ten days as it would be in their advantage for me to get to know it as it is now my local one. I was told that I would have to upgrade to three months in order to switch my last ten days, which I think is a bit shit marketing. She said that I would have to go back, in person (!), to the Caballito one, which I did today, to ask if they would switch me as it is really up to them. I went back and they refused to switch me. So now i have to take a 45 minute bus ride. After this, I walked around my hood and found a great gym for more than HALF the price- it is on Bonpland and Guatemala, If you want a huge chain, then you have only a couple options, but if you get here and just roam your area and you will likely find medium size, even some with pools, way way cheaper and less arsey than the chains....
i just re entered here recently with a ton of vitamins -- mucho containers of food stuffs as i cook asian foods things not available locally -- not the brands i wish to utilize .. belgrano just does not have the quality of what comes thru the usa nor the dates of expiry too. i had three over sized bags with items.. it was a lot of work to put them into the machines to examine and then to take them out again.. thank goodness i am only 89... if i was any older i might not have been able to accomplish it.. try to keep healthy and walk miles each day plus eat a reasonable meal but include a little bit of vino too..