Seeking Articles and Designer


Jan 23, 2006
BA Stay is an upcoming free monthly English language magazine for independent travellers in Buenos Aires. I am currently looking for a (budget) English/Spanish speaking designer. Also it is clear that most travellers are seeking more in-depth information than what is supplied by their guidebooks, particularly about where locals shop, eat, go-out etc. If any BA expats would like to contibute an article or account (up to 1000 words) of a different experience of the city I would love to hear from you. Alternatively I am interested in receiving reviews of markets, bars/clubs, and restaurants for the economic traveller (up to 300 words). Write to me at [email protected] if you would like to write for or design BA Stay.
Interesting idea. Will this be a smaller-scale version of the English weekly, "Time Out?"
Bigbadwolf, I'm actually not familiar with the weekly Time Out in Buenos Aires. Where do you find it and is it free? Can you tell me more about it? Obviously I'm familiar with the annual Time Out, but I believe that this caters to the more wealthy traveller and even its price of 15 pesos puts off a lot of backpackers . I've found other publications in English in BA for budget travellers but none of them offer the combination of being free and pocket-sized with articles, reviews, gig-guide, maps and up-to-date listings for restaurants, clubs, language schools, etc...
I beg your pardon; I should have provided a word of elaboration. I'm a Brit and Time Out is a weekly London publication that covers the London scene -- arts, cinema, dance, food, and so on. It runs to over a hundred pages an issue. I don't know what the current price is but were I to hazard a guess, I'd say two pounds (just checked online: it's 2.60). Your publication, on the other hand, will doubtless be financed by advertising alone (is it print, online, or both?).
I've just done a web search, and it appears that Time Out produces a New York edition as well
The concept is interesting, and I could definitely have used it during my sojourn -- it would have supplemented my Lonely Planet guidebook. I'm not sure, though, that Buenos Aires presently has the critical mass of English-speaking visitors necessary to ensure the financial viability of such an undertaking.
Just out of curiosity, is there a Spanish monthly or weekly that covers the Buenos Aires scene? Long-term expats might be able to answer this. If there isn't, there's definitely a niche for this.