Seeking Creative Marketing/Advertising Professional!


Feb 8, 2010
Omega Advisors LLC is tax and financial planning firm that specializes in U.S. Expat Tax Preparation. We are seeking a creative, enthusiastic, and ambitious person to help launch a marketing effort to attract new clients for tax preparation services. The position begins right away and lasts until the June 15th Expat filing deadline. Brad Lazarus, the firm's founder, will spend two months in Buenos Aires, beginning the week of April 15th.

This position does not require a professional background, but priority will be given to individuals with marketing/sales/advertising experience.

Position Description: The individual will use any resources at their disposal (legal, of course) to promote Omega Advisors LLC services to the American Expat community in Buenos Aires. This position is extremely flexible: work from home, set your hours and schedule! The actual selling part is easy - we are tax experts and our prices are lower than any competitor in Chicago (all explained on our website). Although Brad will not arrive for two months, initial meetings and interviews can take place immediately on Skype.

Compensation: $10-$20 USD/client plus bonus potential. The amount you earn is based off new clients introduced to the firm. The bonus is based off of performance and the general experience with Omega Advisors. Hint: we want you to have fun and help to creative a positive atmosphere for Omega's clients!

Success Stories:

1. Last tax season, we hired a 30-something professional to promote Omega tax services. Upon hiring her, she went home and sent announcements through to her facebook/twitter/linked-in networks. She spent only 5 hours to add 30 clients. At $15/client plus bonus, she earned $550 for only a few hours of work.

2. Last summer, we hired a recent college graduate to promote our financial planning and finance education services. He simply introduced the firm to DePaul University. After that, I presented the courses and, one month later, was contracted to teach "Personal Finance for Non-Financial Professionals" and "Personal Income Tax" . He earned a % of the teaching fee, which translates to $200/course. He continues to earn money for each course taught.

Hopefully this gives you a good idea of the opportunities provided by this position. If you are creative, innovative, or just well-connected, then the sky is the limit!

Please contact us if you have any questions about the position. Serious inquiries only please. We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you!

Omega Advisors LLC