Seeking Job in BA - need advice


Jan 13, 2006
I am new to the area and a recent college graduate with a degree in Art History from the US. I am facing the difficult challenge of finding employment as my savings runs rapidly out. I know I am in for an uphill battle and feel like I have exhausted all my contacts. Any advice or information would be very greatly appreciated.
I'm surely you'll get better advice, but some expats teach English. A few even manage to eke out a living from it. Without work authorisation, I think the going rate is 15 pesos an hour. You can probably get a few hours a day. I understand you have to approach the English language institutes. And I understand there's a constant demand from companies not for basic English, but English for business and social purposes, i.e. exposure to the idiom.
Some of the expats on this forum seem to have contracts or jobs from their original countries of residence and they're not being paid local salaries. Good work if you can get it.
Making money in Buenos Aires is perhaps like squeezing blood from a stone; I've seen that even locals have to jump through hoops to keep body and soul together.