Selling 204m2 apartment in Belgrano neighborhood

For several years my building had a day time only doorman. He was totally useless..It was wonderful,that he wasn't replaced,,when he retired.
Being "buzzed in" isn't possible. The only way for a guest or delivery person to enter the building is f someone comes and opens the door. We've never had a security problem and the expenses in my Recoleta building are muy low... .
I have never had any problems. We have day time doorman, he is a piece of crap. We had a camera facing the main door. Other than a fake plant outside my apartment was stolen, I have never had any problems in 7 years in Recoleta, and I was one 1st floor. I'd rather not pay 24 security people. Pick your poison, do you like your doorman/security to rob you every month, or you run the risk being robbed not even once in your life :)
I'd be shocked if this apartment hasn't been sold by now.
Often in Manhattan (EEUU) if an apartment is for sale for US$ 3 million and several buyers are anxious to buy it, there is a bidding war and the winner gets it for US 3.25 million.
This is what probably happened or will happen in Belgrano..
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