Setting up as a sole trader


Mar 3, 2009
Ive been working here remotely now for a year whilst still on the books in my home country. My company has now received advice that it is best I set myself up as a contractor i.e establish myself in Argentina as a fully functioning entity and invoice them.

Was wondering if anyone else has had experience doing this and could give me some tips on what to expect look out for such as taxes I shall expect to pay, Insurances I need (In my line of work I will need professionally indemnity as a minimum but is there anything I will need to get?) names of trustworthy businesses upon which to deal with which are not going to slap the foreigner tax on me the second they hear me speak etc etc. Are there any pitfalls I should be looking out for?

I dont want any dodgy advice on how to rort the system as to continue my work I have to be 100% legit. Things to note are that I am a resident and that I have a monitributro already established but not a category E which I believe I need to charge overseas clients.

Thanks for any advice you provide in advance.