Setting up internet


Mar 6, 2006
Hey all -
I need to get the internet set up in my apartmnet as soon as possible. Can anyone suggest a company that offers either wireless or simple broadband cable services?
Thanks! Damon
Fibertel is one of the Cable providers and that is what i use for my internet. I hope you have you own wireless router for wifi. If not you will get a shock in either buying one or the price that Fibertel will quote you for theirs. Do you already have cable in your flat? If not then you might get a better deal with either Fibertel or the other provider which I cannot remember the name of sorry, maybe someone else can. You can also get good DSL on your phone and the rates are good too. Most offer a special 3 month discount. The link for Fibertel is so you can begin there. I may have an extra router somewhere so if you need one email me and I will check my storage unit.suerteSAM
I read somewhere that if you don't already have the internet in your apartment that it could take as long as a month to get someone to come out and install it. Is this true? It's not an issue for me now but I am thinking of extending my stay here and I might have to find another place. I want to know how important it is to find a place that already has the internet connection in place. Also I've heard that some companies advertise as velocidad alta but they are really pretty slow. Is this something that breaks down by company or regions or is it just the luck of the draw?
Your best bet would be to go with a service provided by your cable company (Fibertel or Multicanal) or your phone company (Telefonica or Telecom). Most of broadband internet providers here are owned by the Clarin group this way or another. I believe that the only independent provider is Netizen ( that has many resellers ( among others). There are also companies like Redes Del Sur that run own their fiber optics cables to the buildings, and you may be lucky to live in their service area.
As to the speed of installation, for Fibertel and Redes Del Sur it takes days. For DSL providers you need to get a digital phone line subscription from your phone company and that alone takes a couple of weeks. So yes, it is about a month.
You can check this forum (in Spanish) for reviews of many internet providers:
Maybe Fibertel was at some point more expensive but for the first 3 months I paid $40 a month with no install charges and the free modem. After that I pay about $80 a month. Which is more expensive than DSL but then cable is much faster and that is what I require so the extra cost is worth it to me. Plus it was installed in three days from the time I placed the order. SAM
Thanks very much everyone for your input and advice. It was been extremely helpful! I'm not sure which one I'll opt for yet, but fingers crossed it all works out fine. I'm way tired of working in internet cafes....
Take care all, Damon