shopping for shoes


Mar 7, 2008
Where do you suggest to go shoe shopping? I'm looking to get some converse or similar shoes and I have no idea where to even start!

Since there are more shoe stores in BsAs than practically any business but lingerie stores, I have to wonder- do you walk the streets with your eyes shut?

Any Mall.
Every 4 feet along Calle Florida.
Every other store on Santa Fe.
All over Palermo Soho
twice a block on every commercial street within General Paz...

You can buy real converse, in plain, classic styles, or in leopard skin, black leather, gold lame, and so on.
Or Brazilian knockoffs, or, even cheaper, chinese knockoffs.
Every neighborhood shoe store has a few knockoff designs, for not much at all.

Buenos Aires is shoe central. Nowhere else in the world can you find the variety, at such low prices.

If it was me, I would hold out for a pair of Carpincho converse style hightops. Never seen em, but they must exist somewhere.
Thanks both. I went to Abasto today and found a lot but of course not in my size. I only asked in case there was some huge shoe outlet or particular area I didn't know about. I'll head to Santa Fe tomorrow!
don't bother heading to Sta Fe tomorrow -- it's sunday, everything's closed apart from shopping malls
hi im looking to buy womens boots - flat riding style, beautiful leather.. any ideas on price? good shops?

im coming back to ba next month and the shoes in australia are made in china but they still charge prices like they are made in spain or brazil.
Calle Cordoba at around 5000 there's loads of outlets shops, check it out.
i saw some beautiful knee length flat riding boots (made in argentina!) in sydney... they were $800 aud!

so is this style popular in BA? what would i be expecting to pay for good quality long boots..?

i saw myself how many shoe shops there were... i cant wait to buy more underwear at getien too! great knickers...fantastic lycra...