Soliciting Shopping Advice


Apr 30, 2006
Recently this issue has come up in several conversations, even with men: where to buy clothes in Buenos Aires if you are not short and small-boned.
The following two articles discuss the link between the image-conscious society and the rates of anorexia/bulimia and plastic surgery. They even suggest that the fact that the clothes are always too small is driving many women to anorexia or other eating disorders.

In any case, I like my body but I can't very well go ambling through the streets nude. I'm looking for some advice on places to find clothing as we approach winter. The malls are terrible and I've yet to find a boutique that looks promising. As a tall young woman (5'11"/1.8 m), with a proportional bust and a weight of 160 lbs/73 kg, I possess a fairly uncommon body-type for Buenos Aires. But there must be something out there that is passable (i'm not looking for high-fashion frocks, just something that fits and is not cheap/flimsy).
I'd like to add that I didn't come here to shop (in part because I knew it would be difficult). However, I'd like to find a coat and a couple pairs of jeans, maybe a few tops. Do they sell Diesel jeans anywhere? Other "marcas" in size 10-12 U.S. (UK 12-14, France 40-42, Australia 14-16, Germany 38-40, Italy 44-46) with decent lengths (i.e., basically "long" by U.S./European standards?)
If you have any ideas, I'd appreciate it.Finally, a short article/blurb from the Economist on the recent trend in sizing:
There were two or three pretty big Jeans stores Avenida Cordoba 4600-4700 practicly on the corner of Avenida Scalabrini Ortiz and Avenida cordoba one of them might have been Diesel I don't remember.

Best of luck