Spanish Classes with CUI and Laboratoria


Nov 21, 2008
I'm trying to sign up for classes with either CUI or Laboratoria but their websites are not very user friendly (at least to me). Does anyone know of a way to register for Spanish classes with either school. Would my best bet be to just show up at one of the schools in person to register?
I studied for two months in the CUI and for one in the Laboratorio. For the second month in the Centro and for the one at the UBA, I simply showed up the first day of registration (I'd registered for the first month in the CUI through a private middleman, nearly doubling the cost, I fear).

FWIW, I found instruction in the Laboratorio to be marginally superior to instruction in the Centro, as well as less expensive. But private instruction was the best of all: I made more progress in a week's worth of classes with a tutor than in a month at either institution, and at no greater cost.