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May 20, 2009
Hey there,
Trying to find a good Spanish tutor for someone who has virtually no foundation of Spanish and his first language is French. Tutor would need to come to the student, and it would be 1.5-2 hours per day 5 days per week. The pay would be somewhere in the 40 peso/hour range. Please share any advice!

I have a neighbor, charming lady of around 60, who is a certified teacher of foreign languages. She teaches - mostly English - in some private schools and does a lot of commercial translation. Speaks a half dozen languages, including French.

She's lived here since she was a kid, so she can teach Argentine castellano, if that's what your friend wants. She's been very effectivel as a private tutor to a gringo friend who knew no castellano beyond "buen día." She lives in Palermo near the Botánico, and she would probably be interested if the student weren't terribly distant.

Let me know if there's interest, and we'll try to hook up your friend and mine.
I spoke with my neighbor to confirm her availability for a private student or two. Also that her French is fluent, as I can confirm to be the case with her English and Castellano (both the classic and porteño varieties).

Best to contact her at marvimont21 @ or 4832-2964.

Highly recommended!
I have recommended my Spanish tutor, Mercedes, to many people and everyone has loved her. She has several years' experience teaching all levels and she charges 45 pesos per hour for private lessons. (She also speaks French and is familiar with teaching Spanish to French speakers.)

[email protected], 15-5346-7233
I found my Spanish tutor, Stella Maris ("Stellinha" -- she's something of a Brazilophile, I think) García, to be superb. She is a native porteña who has lived abroad, was educated as a teacher, has taught Spanish to foreigners for years, and is competent in French, Portuguese, and English. I know that she has travelled to students throughout gran Bs.As.

I've her address and telephone numbers, if you wish to send me a PM.
Welcome to the board,My only advice is double check what you want to learn,if its official spanish head for Universidad de Palermo,great techers but unflexible as to work and hangovers,if its communication you can chance all alternatives,if you want to enjoy learning at your own pace let me wife does private classes in a relaxed manner,I'm Irish and she is argentine..we also believe in live in pesos charge in keen prices.


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hola !

try this web site!
We are a family of moving in January for 6 months and I am still trying to find an apartment in Recoleta and a Spanish tutor. Pls help. John Trask 843-812-2210