Spanish Tutor


Apr 10, 2008

I've previously taken 2 weeks of group classes at the IBL Language Institute but we'd like to try private tutoring. Of course, there are many people out there who do private tutoring, but i was wondering if anyone could recommend any tutors that they have themselves used.

I would appreciate if you could recommend them only if you've used them before personally and could tell me how much you're paying for them.

Prices vary, some tutors are much cheaper than others and it sort of depends on what you are looking for. I pay 90 pesos for a two hour lesson, and my tutor is brilliant, fluent in several languages and passionate about linguistics. For me there's a big difference between having a teacher who can teach spanish, and someone who is passionate about languages.

Happy to send you his details, send me a private note if you are interested.
I take individual classes in Belgrano and they have helped my spanish astronomically. With the folks i work with they are willing to barter abit as far as pricing goes: if you are at an advanced level theyll tutor you for free if you teach some beginning level courses. Otherwise i think it runs about 40 pesos per hour, which is still worth it.

likewise, drop me a note for details
I've been taking private lessons for the last few weeks which I have been very happy with. Due to the falling peso my teacher (and the others in her group) have just raised prices though, $35/hr for one hour or $30/hr for more than one, plus an additional $10 pesos for coming to your house. If your interested in her info send me a pm, the website is
I also was at the ILE for a month. Then I had a month of private tutoring with Carlos Marin ( [email protected] ) He is amazing. He is a native of Rosario & lived in BA for a number of years before moving to the US where he lived/worked for 26 years. He returned to BA in 2006. I thought I was an expert on English grammar, but he actually knows it better than I. He knows both English/Spanish inside out & really knows how to teach it & get it across. He charges $60 pesos for a 2-hour session. He also knows BA extremely well & used to work as a tour guide for the city. You can hire him to take you to places in the city you'd never see otherwise. Plus he is well versed on the history & politics of Argentina. This guy was a great find for me & I plan to see him again when I return.
Hey EdRooney, I was wanting to get more information on your private tutor in exchange for teaching a few classes. Could you give me the name of your program? Thanks! Kelly