Hi! We are a very atipical Spanish family long settled in Argentina. We are both English speakers, both lived abroad and have been sharing our home with people from all over the world for 6 years.We are very respectful and clear. The atmosphere of the house is very special and we are very careful on this and on making people feel comfortable. We offer the use of Kitchen and utensils, garden, balconny, living-room with cable TV and a huge glass-covered loft suitable for all kinds of use. One of the rooms can be double. Our name is Eduardo and Cebrian. Eduardo used to be a sculptor and is a very recognized psychic and clairvoyant specialized on helping people to deal with their Energy and Karma. He's been doing it for 25 years now and me, I used to be an actor in Spain, but now I do a bit of everything, specially furniture restorations and administration. Please write and introduce yourself. By the way: 1 cat and 1 parrot. Gay friendly.

Is this room still available.. I´m interested in school and would like a nice place.. i love gardening.. .and zen tao.. vibes.. I would like to help.. you.. I like argentina a lot.. can i call and discuss.. and check out the house.. I have saved money from being a technician till i can start a teaching job.. please let me know.. if you know someone.. or can help me find a similar place.. thank you for your time..