Store your stuff!


Apr 19, 2009
Hey guys!

If you need a place to store non-valuable stuff (clothes and the like) that you don't need to schlep back to the states between visits, that is a service I have been offering visitors for some time. As some of you know this house is large, and the area that used to be a wine cellar is available for whatever you might want to leave there.
Here's the deal...

1) Your stuff should be in a suitcase with your name and US contact info on the outside. Locked is fine, of course, but it needs to be clearly identifiable.

2) The environment is a little cellar-like, so keep that in mind before you leave your fine Japanese silk kimono or your ermine coat.

3) There should be no security problem, but I am offering this service as a convenience and I don't assume any liability other then to promise I won't pawn any of your stuff!

Why would I make such a magnificent offer, you may ask. Well, nothing's free of course, so when you are getting ready to come back send me an Email and I'll write back and tell you what you can bring me to show how much you appreciate my guarding your precious belongings!
Typical bribes are maple syrup, real coffee, jalapeno peppers, Nathans hot dogs, Hersey's chocolate syrup and other such goodies not easily found locally!

Seriously, if you want to leave some stuff here in BsAs just PM me and I'll be happy to store it for ya!

Bets Regards,