Swimming with baby


Jul 31, 2008
I want to take my baby swimming this weekend, but I don't have a medical cert, does anyone know where I can take her swimming where we don't need it.
i do not have an answer but i am curious to know where can you take your baby swimming? i have a 5 1/2 month old that i would love to get in the water as well. do you know of baby swimming lessons here in BA?
hi angie, i just realized you are sophie's mommy. it's me, angie - nico's mommy! ;o)
Well, you can join me on my mission to find a good swimming class...or even just a nice pool to splash around in that isn't too dirty or cold, and welcomes little ones.
sounds good. i will be on the look out. do you think an indoor pool exists in BA?
In Arenales*or Berutti (I am not sure sorry, but )and Araoz, there is a gym which has a in door pool, I has checked there for my daughters.
Is this the Well club?
If so , I've been in to see it, but you can only have swimming classes and no free play in their pool..It does look nice though if you want classes.
yes ! I have forgotten the name, Well, you want to play with your baby!! ok, I do not know exactly where now in winter. I have been to the pool in deparment building of friends or some sport club but in summer..because they are open style...
Hi girls,

there is a nice place in Palermo in the corner of El Salvador and Juan B de Justo...they have swimming lessons for babies on Saturday mornings, we used to go with my daughter is very nice and familiar...