Syrup Alert


Apr 28, 2009
Every now and then the topic of finding syrup for pancakes comes up and I wanted to let you know that I found some today. Syrup sighting at Disco in Almagro on Gascón between Sarmiento and Av. Corrientes. On the shelf above the ice cream section. Two bottles left of "Roddenbery's Northwoods Original Syrup". Picture of a moose and log cabin on the label. Not true maple syrup - but in a pinch - it'll do the trick. Cost $23 pesos for a 24 oz (710 ml) bottle. Shape of bottle is like the USA Aunt Jemimah brand.
23 pesos for low quality syrup? !!

I found oreos for 10 pesos and a normal jar of olives for 14 pesos. expensive country if you wont settle for artificial flavor and beef fat and formaldehyde in products.

I find it expensive here. Only my opinion.
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