T1 or similar, does it exist in ARG?


Feb 5, 2007
Hola, I have a wealthy client that needs a fast and reliable internet connection in Bariloche. Does anyone have any ideas or leads? Gracias!
I believe Telecom and Telefonica have such services
Hi soulskier. We're in Capital, so I wouldn't know about Bariloche service but I can't imagine it would be much different from here.

The DSL and Cable services here will tipically offer you faster downstream speeds (2.5mbps+) than a T1 (1.5mbps), but the upstream speeds are slower (~ 256k - 512k). If that is a problem, you can contact the phone company to see if they will offer business class service (DSL or T1) to a residence, with better upstream speeds than their residential packages. If by "reliable" he means "never down", then a T1 or a redundant solution (see below), might be the answer.

We rely on the internet to work and need to be connected 100% of the time. So we found the best solution for us was to get two broadband lines (one via Cable Modem, and the other phone DSL) to have redundancy. We combined them with a dual-WAN load balance router into single LAN. We brought the router from the US. If the Cable or DSL goes down (happens every once in a while), the other one picks up automatically.

Good luck.