Tandoor Indian restaurant: disappointing

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Feb 21, 2009
I visited Tandoor last night and found it disappointing. The atmosphere is OK, a lot nicer than Kathmandu, a fairly long standing Indian restaurant here. The lamb dish I ordered was billed as moderately spicy but was surprisingly bland. The portion size was really small. My guest ordered another lamb dish, equally small, that resembled a fairly ordinary winter stew at $39 pesos. These two dishes, some naan (Indian bread), a bottle of water, a small beer and one desert came to $158! When I noticed that we had been overcharged $8 for the two main courses I asked the waiter to check. He informed us that the menu was outdated, that the real price was an extra $4 each! I protested that the restaurant could not print one price and charge another. He left, apparently to get advice from his boss, returning after a long pause to say that the $8 would be taken off the bill. We both left a little hungry minus $150 plus tip. I love Indian food and would like to see it become more popular here but I think Tandoor has to make a better effort to offer value for money. With a worldwide financial crisis there will be fewer and fewer people able to pay such high prices for so little.
I do not even remember the prices there but I was also very dissappointed with the food, the only time I visited the place in December. Never again! If anyone knows really good Indian place in BsAs please let me know too.
First I want to say that I love Buenos Aires and there is access to almost any foods here but the Asian restaurants here are not that great and often overpriced. I buy my own ingredients in china town and cook my Indian, Vietnamese, Thai, Japanese, Arabic Chinese and Korean at home, I have actually found spices and ingredients from all these countries.
This time I am going to agree with all the posters and say that Indian and Asian food in Buenos Aires is disappointing and overpriced. I have eaten at all the Indian Restaurants here as well as most of the Asian and can recommend a few which I will put below for your benefit.

These are my favourites.

Azema Exotic Bistro There Prawn curry or Lamb Vindaloo are sublime. The atmosphere is excellent. Its worth the price.

I like Taj Mahal for Indian Food. In a city of bad indian restaurants this is my favourite. It is good but not earth shattering. Great atmostphere though.

My favourite Chinese restaurant is Los Chinos. The atmosphere is basic but the service is fantastic and if you are lucky to be attended by the owners daughter Lilly you will be treated like gold. Food is excellent and reasonable price.


Another great chinese restaurant that is more upmarket with great vibe and excellent food is BuddhaBa in Belgrano. I highly recommend this place for its food and atmosphere.

Thank you, Pericles for that list of recommended places. I will try them. DA, I like BA but I disagree that all kinds of food can be found here. I can easily get organic chicken, turkey and other meat plus a great variety of fowl in the US. I just can't find them here, along with the MANY types of English and French cheese that I love.
BFranklin said:
I like BA but I disagree that all kinds of food can be found here. I can easily get organic chicken, turkey and other meat plus a great variety of fowl in the US. I just can't find them here, along with the MANY types of English and French cheese that I love.
It is ALL available here and some, you just need to find them, pay up and sometimes wait for it to arrive. There are threads here on the site for places for all kinds of Fowl and organic meats, the cheeses can be ordered in many specialty shops like Armesto.
Please send me a note, DA, and tell me where I can get the organic products I mentioned. There are easily obtainable in the US, at very fair prices. I have had no luck finding them here at any price. As for cheese, I've been everywhere I can think of and have asked many people but can only find brie and camembert, some local blue cheese but none of the great variety of French cheese and none of the many wonderful English cheeses. Again, if it is here, please send me a note and tell he where I can get it.
Thank you DA. I'll check out one of the purveyors you mention. As for cheese, there are well over 300 types of French cheese. I've been able to find a good selection of these in the US; just brie and camembert here. Let's start, however, with English cheese of which there are many.

The following are pretty standard and should be easy to obtain yet I have only been able to find very poor quality locally produced Cheddar. If you can find these, I'd love to hear from you:

Royal Blue Stilton
Sage Derby
Double Gloucester
Crumbly Lancashire
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