tango teachers or tango lessons?


Mar 19, 2008
I am a retired philosophy professor in the US and will be visiting BA for the fifth time in March for about a month. I'm staying in San Telmo (Defensa and Independencia).

I've danced tango in the US for a few years and am looking for some good group classes or private instructors. Any experiences, recommendations?

I speak some Spanish, so don't absolutely need a teacher who speaks English. Jim M. [email protected]
Where do you tango in the US? That will tell me
what kind of training you might have. At any rate,
you can't go wrong with lessons from Cherie & Ruben.
She is Californian, Dance History Librarian and he is
a milonguero. Both are charming and lovely folks.
Not only might you need lessons in how to dance at
BsAs milongas, but they will help you to understand
the protocols in the dance halls so that you are
successful in getting dances. They are very friendly
and professional. Beware of the multitudes who call
themselves teachers but who are out there scamming
tourists and teaching execrable show stuff unsuitable
for the dance halls. Once checked out with them, you
can benefit from the free group classes before each

Have a great time in one of the loveliest cities in
the world. And be prepared for a different version of
castellano, too.

Un tangazo,
Nancy Ingle

I am the original poster of this query and took up the suggestion above. Cherie and Ruben are splendid teachers. They teach the real item. I am very happy that I took up Nancy's suggestion.

I went to a free 2 hour lesson on Tuesday at 535 Defensa 7pm to 9pm. It was the best lesson that I've been to in the 5 weeks that I've been here. It helped that I took a partner though. The teacher named Julio, taught a traveling Left turn, traveling right turn, a calisita with a spilling ending, a volcada, and a couple of milonga steps. He went around to each couple and tailored instructions depending upon experience level. That night there were more men than women and all of the women had partners, so we were not rotating.

Good luck,
Patrick :)