Tax and DNI


Jun 5, 2009
I am new in town and appreciate your feedback on the 2 following topics
a) Income Tax Rate: I am expat and sent by my company. I will receive a housing allowance, which might be taxable in Argentina.
Anybody out there, who needs to pay income tax on the housing allowance ? if yes, what is the tax rate ?
Any comprehensive information on tax rates and calculation ?

b) DNI (again...): Living and working in China before, I will have to provide a criminal record of China. The authorities in China require documents, I can't provide anymore.
The criminal record of my home country will not be accepted, as my passport was issued from the German Ambassy in China, and my residential adress of China is stated in my passport.

thanks and best regards
i think it depends on how your income is set up.

If you receive housing as benefit, your company may arrange for you to receive it as a net benefit, and they will cover the tax. If they include it in your salary package, it will be taxed but will also contribute towards the twice a year bonus you get - December and June salaries are 150% of normal wage. Depending on what you get it may work out better to have in included in salary and taxed as opposed to it being a net benefit. Depends on your company, probably best you discuss it with them.
hi, I know a very good attorney who specializes on these issues of residency, issue of DNI, expats. His name is Sergio Orellana and his email address is: [email protected] his cell phone no. is 15 6167 7594
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