Help getting DNI/Tax/Driving licence


Sep 23, 2007
Hi All,
I got yesterday a temporary visa in London, (based on retirement, I am 40 years old but I get a small UK police pension.),
Does anyone know anyone who can help me get around the burocracy and paperwork, to get my DNI/tax/DL etc... I get my passport back on Monday... so I will be back in BA on Weds.....
I dont think I need a lawyer.... just a local who knows the system.... obviously I know I will pay for their time....
PS< if anyone needs any tips on getting temporary visas, the last week has been an experience, to be fair the Argentina Embassy have been perfect to deal with in UK, but every document has to be perfect, even photos at 3/4 side view!!, but doing it myself has saved me $3000 in lawyers/notaries in Arg, who told me I owuld never get it, without their help and palm greasing!!!
Also, the UK embassy dont need criminal record checks, which saved me 6 weeks...
The key to all this is the DNI and maybe what type of visa you have.
Anyway, for me the easiest was the DLicence( althought you can drive for 90 days with am EU licence, so the police told me). I simply produce my DNI, UK licence, did a short roadsign and eye test, had my photo taken and got the license....all in an hour.
To get my DNI the fast way, I used a specialist over here. They are not cheap, but get the job done quickly. Let me know if you want me to pass their details to you , privatley if you wish.
Can I recommend Peicles? He helped me with my property purchase. I doubt very much I would have succeeded without him. His charges are not bad either.
For more info on how he helped me go to
Good luck