Teaching Tango to Expats in BA


Jun 6, 2005
Professional tango dancers help expats get out on the dance floor!

We are professionally trained Tango dancers offering tango lessons to travelers and expats in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Martin Castagna y Michele Kadisova

Martin Castagna and Michele Kadisova share years of experience in dance, with backgrounds in Classical Ballet, Contemporary Jazz, and Tango. They have studied with some of the most renowned teachers of Argentine Tango and are residents of Buenos Aires.

Castagna and Kadisova understand how difficult it can be for foreign travelers when encountering the world of Tango in Buenos Aires. The vast choices in classes, the varying approaches to technique and style, and the overwhelming atmosphere of the Milongas with their crowded dance floors and often mysterious codes, can be daunting.

Castagna and Kadisova's mission is to provide the student with an easy way to assimilate so that he or she can be comfortable dancing Tango at any level. Private or small group classes are offered at reasonable rates. Classes are created to provide easy access to basic steps while understanding the principles of movement and communication in the partnership of the dance. Castagna and Kadisova strive to give the individual or couple tools for enjoying the Milongas so that they feel relaxed on the dance floor even at the beginner level.

If desired, Castagna and Kadisova will accompany students to a Milonga, getting them out on the dance floor where they can be seen in order to be asked to dance by others (a fundamental element of having a good time while in Buenos Aires!) and introducing them to one of the most extraordinary experiences in Argentine night life!

All classes are taught in English and Spanish. Beginner classes feature: basic walks; the basic eight steps; simple figures; how to dance with your partner; the Tango, Waltz, and Milonga styles; and expression and adornments.

Coaching is also available for advanced and professional dancers in preparation for performance.

Resume and recommendations upon request.
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