Teaching Tennis in English


Jul 30, 2009
Hello Expats,
I was hoping someone could help me out. I'm looking to teach tennis at a tennis club or Hotel here in Buenos Aires. I'm not having much luck on my own. I've tried Vilas Tenis Club, Argentino Tenis Club, and Obras...but nothing. The biggest problem is my Castellano. I speak very little, but I'm learning everyday. However, I'm sure there are many expats and English speaking people playing tennis. I would appreciate any sort of information.

I played on a Full Tennis Scholarship for Marquette University in the States. Also, I'm helping my Marquette University tennis coach with recruiting. She's looking for a talented, female tennis player graduating high school this year (age 17-19). A potential Full Scholarship could be available, depending on talent.

Muchas Gracias!
I would think you'd get not only expats but well to do Argentines who want a tennis and English practice/lesson combined. We have a Megatlon at the corner of Rivadavia and Junin that has clay courts, I can see them from my terrace 25 stories up, on their roof top and you may try there....

What types of teaching certifications do you have? USPTA or USPTR?

Not sure how it works down here, but years ago I would travel to Venezuela for 2 months during the winter and teach there. My spanish was horrible but my resume was good. I taught many fairly well to do families there and there was a fascination with learning from an American, and getting a little english lesson on the side as well.

I retired from tennis many years ago, only recently moved here, and am not plugged in here so I could not give you any specifics. But one thing I will tell you is that it doesn't matter where you are, marketing is the key.

I've only seen about a half a dozen tennis pros here and I can tell you that I was not very impressed. I'm sure there are some great coaches here, but these guys were just ball machines and seemed bored out of their minds (probably burnt out)

If you are qualified, position yourself well, and are excited with a good personality you could certainly succeed here I have no doubt.

Good luck!
Oh and btw, sometimes you may have to let your racket do the talking for you. Try to find an "in" through hitting with someone that works at the clubs you are interested in. Just get plugged into the tennis community, pick up matches or hitting sessions with as many people you can. If you are a good player and people like you, it makes no difference what your spanish is like.
Hi Anna,

if you are interested in giving private lessons in English, can you post your rates and contact information as I am looking for occasional lessons? I'm a 3.5 player.

I would definitely be interested in tennis lessons! Send me a note of prices.
I am in Palermo Beruti.

You might try hanging your shingle out on Craigslist, since so many Americans are used to searching there, and you'll have very little competition on that. Might snag some good rate lessons during the holiday tourism peak... Last year I found an Argentine hitting partner/coach (for pay) that way, and this year found a hitting partner from SF on CL BA.

BTW, I'm looking for more hitting partners, too: I'm USTA 4.5, happy to hit anywhere around Palermo, or other locales if you have free court access. :)

Hey Anna,

I'm interested in tennis lessons, could you pls PM me with a price list?

Thanks and hope you're having luck finding courts and such. There seem to be a couple free courts between Palermo Hollywood and Belgrano, but I can't remember exactly where.. sorry!

Hello Anna,
I am a 3.5 player and am here in BA till March. I would love to take a couple lessons. If you have found a spot let me know. I´m at Plaza Italia and the only court here is 120 pesos per hour.
nantucketgeoff said:
Hello Anna,
I am a 3.5 player and am here in BA till March. I would love to take a couple lessons. If you have found a spot let me know. I´m at Plaza Italia and the only court here is 120 pesos per hour.
Hi Geoff,contact el parque manuel belgrano.it,s on costanera/saguero and we paid 30 pesos between us for an hour and a half:).good luck