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Aug 23, 2006
So some here say it can be done, others say no... What's the deal with bringing televisions, dvd players, and computers? Will these things work with cable and adapters, dvds that are sold there.... etc? We're trying to figure out what to begin to sell, and what will be shipped! Thanks, Jessica
You might find some helpful info in the Entertainment forum in the Multizone Dvd thread.
if you don't have legal residency DO NOT ship anything as it will get impounded and you'll have to pay large amounts of cash in tax/bribes to get it out. also, speak to a customs lawyer before shipping anything as you'll need someone to get the stuff through customs whether you have residency or not. this is not something you can do on your own. new residents have (i think) 6 months to ship their belongings in tax free. after that time you'll pay tax. and if you don't have residency you'll pay tax.
Wait. Wasn´t Jessica the american teacher that was married to an Argentine??If that was the case she would not have residency problems....
Would it be at all useful to suggest contacting the closest Argentine consulate and ask for advice? Or may be it has already been done?
Check the blogs on the links section of the site ( index.php?module=linkman&LMN_op=userMenuAction&category=2)
Some of the expats write there about what they brought, and how they brought it...
until you get a CUIT you cannot import your personal things as a new resident. and to get a CUIT you need your DNI (although i think it might be possible to get a temporary CUIT showing proof of residency). seriously, consult a customs lawyer before shipping anything. i know more than one expat (one married to an argentine and with legal residency) who have had major problems getting their stuff into the country.
Hope this isnt a obviously stupid question then... but would there be a difference between shipping something here and say flying in with it in your lugage. case and point, looks likely that ill be stoping off in BsAs for about 18months starting from early next year. Was also thinking about getting a new mac right about now. if i fly in with that in my lugage, will that get impounded etc? i guess i could always get one in BA and jsut hope my current one does not fully die untill then. thanks in advance
lap tops are ok (just don't bring the box) but if you try to bring a desk top in there's a chance you'll get pulled over by customs. every bag is x-rayed on arrival in buenos aires as you leave the airport. most of the time, the customs agents actually don't bother looking at the screen, feeling that chatting and smoking are more important past-times than their real jobs (it's a good introduction to argentine society hehe) but they do sometimes go through people's bags. your things won't get impounded at the airport but you might be liable for import duties. which will add around 50% to the cost of your goods. best to pretend not to understand a word until they become frustrated and just tell you to go away.
My husband and I will be applying for my residency from here, and hopefully the Argentine embassy will be able to advise some on the shipping. (We realized we purchased one way tickets our of convienence, and immigration may not like that if I don't have residency!)The companies that we have contacted regarding shipping have all said that they aid in the process of bringing stuff, but not sure what that means.
Seems like I have to have a multizonal DVD player, but tvs? They will work there? (with the aid of a converter?)
My husband brought a computer to Argentina for a friend, and although not in the box, the computer had not been used, and they inspected the computer. Realizing it was new, they impounded it. He was an aquiantence with the people on both ends, so left the situation for them to resolve. So you may not only want to keep it out of the box, but begin to use it!