Temporary rentals - policies set by owners


Apr 7, 2009
If there are any flat owners out there who rent to foreigners on a temporary basis, I'd appreciate knowing what your policies are regarding deposits and return of deposits when reservations are cancelled. Please tell me how much deposit you expect for a one night, one week or one month rental. I assume this is a damage deposit and that rent is due on arrival. Is that right? If the person is staying for more than a month, do you ask for full payment up front? Do you give a full refund for cancelled reservations? Any help you can give regarding this would be helpful to me as I set up a flat for rental. Please do not advise me to work through an agency. I prefer to handle it myself. Thank you.
We rent through an agency and are very happy with their fees, service and marketing reach (very important). But since you do not want to work with an agency, I think a good way to familiarize with the process and the policies is check the websites of some reputable agencies online and study their policies and practices. You can learn a lot from that. You may also consider meeting with one in person to conver any other questions you may have.

If you meet with them; try to get a copy of their contract for renters and owners. A reputable agency will have years of experience and that will reflect in their contracts. It's probably the best way to learn the local process and legal caveats without reinventing the wheel. In the end you don't have to hire the agency, but you will be well informed.

You'll find some answers to your questions here:




(you'll find many agencies like those above with their policies posted online. Just google them.)

Good luck!
I think there are two types of "deposits". One is a deposit to reserve the dates. The other is a damage deposit.

The first should be used as payment for your stay. This is paid at the time of your reservation & may be forfeited if you don't show up or cancel without enough notice. These should be clearly stated.

The second deposit is the damage deposit which is paid when you turn up at the place. It should be returned upon check out minus any damages that you may have caused.

If anyone does pay a damage deposit, you should go through the apartment with the person renting & not any damages so you don't get charged later, like with a rental car.