Temporary Residence From Working To Student


Jun 6, 2010
I've been working in Argentina for the past 2 years as a temporary resident and I am considering to quit my job (since I have a better one outside of the country that I can do remotely)

Is there a way that I can maintain my residency so that I can complete my 3 years and then apply for permanent residency.
Would getting a student visa work?

Are there any other options outside of opening a corporation and hiring myself? (it sounds complicated and expensive)

I've spoken with someone who created a monotributista while on temporary residency. Is that possible? Could I register myself as a free lancer who earns money in a bank account outside of Argentina but then declare my salary to Argentina so that I pay taxes to Argentina?

I've checked with the other country and they seem to be saying that as long that I pay my taxes somewhere else... i don't owe them any taxes. That sounds somewhat attractive since that country has roughly 50% on income taxes.

Any idea will be appreciated.



May 21, 2013
If your home country allows dual citizenship and you plan on staying in Argentina indefinitely (or not)--you can pursue citizenship on your own through the courts (10-18 month process and will cost less than USD100). I provided monotributista proof when I initially dropped off my documents at the court...I was never asked to show any further proof of income during the process. Same was true in my wife's case. 2 years from your "fecha de ingreso" on your DNI should do the trick. I posted this a citizenship thread the other day.

Alternatively....if you can make it through one more renewal...you'll be able to get your permanent residency and avoid all the hassle of qualifying to maintain residency.

Good luck