Tenedor Libres


Jun 18, 2005
Im sure people have lots of tips on tenedor libres. Ive found an excellent Tenedor Libre thats centrally located. Cocina & Cia on Santa Fe, right below Pureydon (i have the card back in my apt).

Each time Ive been there the father and his son that own it have been there and working hard, restocking food, taking some dishes around on trays and coming to your table. The food is with an Arab twist, tabouli, etc. The price keeps changing slightly. Now its 20 pesos plus drinks. You can order fish dishes for a separate price. They seem to maintain quality and I like to see the owners not only there but caring about the customers.

This place is central like i mentioned. I dont like to travel almost an hour to eat, so Palermos often too much trouble for me (going to Jumbo for example, i plan it like i was going to another city.

So any other reasonably priced (under 30 pesos) all you can eats?
I also recommend Cocina y Cia. It is centrally located in Barrio Norte on Av.Santa Fe near the corner of Av.Pueyrredon. I meet there frequently with my Argentine friends. I agree with you...the service is great. I am not a big eater but enjoy the quality and variety of dishes. They offer an international menu. Their website www.cocina-cia.com gives you all the info.

There are a few other tenedor libres, such as Toronto, that used to be comparable but no longer measure up. For strictly vegetarian dishes, there is Fenix located in the neighborhood known as Once. Priced under $10 pesos, the food is fresh but the decor is no-frills. This Chinese-Korean? restaurant is on Av. Belgrano and Sanchez de Loria.
I am not sure if everyone knows this but last night as we were looking for a place to eat, we wanted to try this place again ( been there several times) only to find out that the good old AFIP closed the place down. As the guy standing in front of the place said "Bienvenida a Argentina" , what he meant I can not really decipher.
But this is just for all your info.
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