TENTATIVE: Canada vs Russia tonight at 9pm at the Alamo!


Jan 26, 2010
I have NOT confirmed that they are showing this game (they are not open today yet), but since the USA plays earlier (at 5pm BA time, for those interested) I´m guessing that unless there is some dumb college basketball game on that they will show this game.

So for now, I am planning on going -- with a DIFFERENT (hopefully luckier) red Canada shirt -- to the Alamo tonight to catch this game! Last sunday was great, other than the scoreline, full of Canadians and ´merkins throwing back brewskis and watching the game! Just like home...

Hope to see yall tonight!

- j.
It will be nice to watch Canada beat the Russians after the US has lost.
I have confirmed that the Alamo will show this game... in like an hour!!! So get going, people!! See you tonight :) Go Canada!
Hate to break it to you the US won 2-0 over the Swiss. They are in the semi finals. I stillk think Canada is the team to beat. Tonight should be a good test as, the Russians are always good.