That's a lot of rain


argsteve said:
Yes this a lot of rain... most rain I have seen in my 3 years here also...... It is making a mess of my bar hopping Superbowl activities!!!!
you just have to feel sorry for the tourists that are here for only 10 days and cant get out and see BA like it should be seen ...
He He, yes I guess it has washed all the dog crap away.


Probably you haven't noticed because you live in the city...and I guess many don't read the local news, but vasts parts of Argentina including the Pampa húmeda (where BA is) has been suffering a dramatic draught. Many rivers in the Province of Buenos Aires, including the mighty Salado river were was the first time in my life I have seen such a thing. Since about 1/2 year it has started to rain again...and the rivers and lagoons are filling again...and the crops grow again. On the countryside people are very happy it is raining so much.
The drought was caused by La Ni~na current...the rain is being brought by El Ni~no...or the other way around.