These are a few of my favorite things...


Feb 28, 2010
I've been here a bit over a month now and am still having trouble finding some things, I was hoping maybe some of you could help me find these staples in my previous life!...and maybe post some things you're missing/searching for as well...could be fun.

Real Bagels
Track bike shop
Good Pizza!(preferably in Palermo)
A place to watch ice hockey(I'm not holding my breath on this one)
Indie rock/Punk/Hardcore shows or concerts
Independent movie house
"Real" bagels I have yet to find. All of the ones I've tried are more like round bread! Not bad, but not the same.
What is a "track bike shop"? There are two bike shops on Scalabrini Ortiz.
Track bikes are bikes with no gears and often ridden without breaks similar to what you'd see used in a velodrome(like in the olympics), or in north america often used by bike messengers.
shhh - don't talk about pizza ;) FWIW - Tonno is some of the best I've found. Bagels - haven't found any good ones yet.
My snobish definition of the word bagel has been whittled down by many a sad experience here. I have seen 2 places that serve 'baguels' one is Casa Mua Soler 4202 which had bugules con semillas de sesamo (sesame seed bagels) I will add that Casa Mua also has an AMAZING playroom for kids that is attended by staff, and the other is Oui Oui on Nicaragua 6068

Indie Rock: There is a place called CBGB's that has some decent Punk/Hardcore.
Thanks a ton everyone for the tips! I'll be eating bagels and listening to music that sounds/looks like a drunken street brawl in no time.