things to do.. suggestions needed


Nov 9, 2007

i arrived in ba two weeks ago and i plan on staying on until june 08. i'd love to see some soccer, polo, tango shows - anything interesting really- does anybody have any suggestions on where to go and buy tickets. in new york there are discount ticket booths available (tkts) for same day tickets.. wondering if ba has anything like that..

also, i would like to take spanish classes - i am starting with a tutor this afternoon but ideally would like to have some structure and more time in a class room..
i heard uba is good .. but open to hearing opinions..

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
Don't go to a show, until you have seen the real Tango. There are milongas every night, where you can see the locals dance. Confiteria Ideal is good to see the show offs, or try Salon Canning, but my personal favorite is Viejo Coreo.
Go to any and you can pick up a Tango map, that will list all the Milongas the times and the addresses.
If you want any addresses drop me a note. I don't have them at work and for some reason cannot post from home.
It has gone quite here, so I thought I would add some more of my favourites:
There is a nice flee market in San telmo every Saturday, but an alternative,if you like handmade jewelry is Salador y Serrano in Palermo also on saturday. Not very big, but a nice range of handmade local stuff.
The zoo at Plaza Italia is half decent, interesting choice of buildings. I am from Chester UK we have one of the best Zoos in the world, but I still enjoyed this one. Do not bother with the passport as most of the houses are a waste of time. Also take your own refreshments unless you like McCane burgers ( there is nothing else). The botanical garden is next door. A nice peaceful place to wander and just relax. Fun to see the dog walkers sitting playin chess or just smoking, not much fun for the dogs who are just tied to the railings.
The Japanese garden is really nice p$4 last time I went. I understand the food is excellent, though I have not tried it.
Finally for now, visit the old flagship moored at Porto medero. well worth a visit just to get a feel of how navel life was in days of yor. British built by the way. Stay away from TGI Fridaysafter my bad experience I have since heard many others.