This Looks Like A Ton Of Fun,... Anybody Try It ?

This looks like a ton of fun,... Anybody try it ?
I've never been this far south. Not a big fan of cold weather.
I got PADI certification a while back while living in NYC.
Does anybody know if they sell Sudafed here.
I need it to clear my ears otherwise I can't dive.


I did it it last year in Puerto Piramides (a lot better location than Puerto Madryn, which has nothing worth to visit and it is just a base to explore the peninsula).

There were two moms and puppies, and they were so nice and playful. I was scared as hell and they noticed - I think they made fun of me. They poked and swam next to me, the puppy bite my wrist twice and it was so delicate and soft, much softer than a puppy or a kitten.
I think they got bored of us as they can move so fast compared to us, we aren't very entertaining to them. I wanted to pet them but I was too afraid... so they tried to make contact with me and I moved away as I was too scared :wub:

I just used a mask and snorkelling equipment, but there was also the diving excursion available. However, there was nothing to see deep down when I visited Puerto Piramides so we opted for the snorkeling excursion, instead. Quite expensive but totally worth it!!! I think we spent about 3000 pesos for the both of us and 90' excursion (incl. snorkeling equipment). I would do it again!
I have not been there to swim with the sea lions, but to see the whales. I think Puerto Piramides is one of the places one should visit in Argentina. Do not go to Puerto Madryn, nothing to see there, book a room in Puerto Piramides, it brings you much closer to the wildlife and you can walk around. Sea lions appear to be there all the time, for whales the best time to visit is around October. Check the calendar here: http://www.puertopir...ario-fauna.html
though I'll say if you aren't a fan of the cold, well be ready for the water. i've been getting my fix of this type of stuff by watching the live cams on
I can vouch for Refrianex. It really works on the symptoms and you get a free high too.
Surprised it's legal.
Hmmm ... Gringoboy, are you sure you're not washing it down with aguardiente?

Refrianex is our go-to cold relief choice. I've never found anything better for all the nasty symptoms at once. I even bring it back to use in the US (shhhh ... don't tell the FDA). Never experienced a high, though. But maybe I didn't notice because I was so miserable with the resfrio.