threading - does anyone know of a beauty salon that offers it?


Jul 29, 2008
i've been getting my eybrows threaded in a small indian beauty parlour in the heart of whitechapel in london for about 2 years now, i swear by it!

i am conscious that here, given the area's large bangladeshi and pakistani community, salons are two a penny but in BA i might find it harder to find this method of depilacion readily available.

does anyone know of anywhere that offers it and hopefully not at stupidly over inflated prices (practically all indian women get their eyebrows threaded, and many know how to do it, so i pay peanuts for it).

any feedback gratefully received.
Hey there! I am about to rave - I had a consultation with Javier Aranda - and we then used him for a party last weekend, me and a few girlfriends, they do all the models him and cesarario, thats not right but its something like that - my god we looked so good, never, I say never have I been to a salon and really been happy. I have got lots of good info on this forum and never posted before as I have never really been impressed by the professionals in the country until now. It was cheap too, well cheaper than the 100s of greenies I spend at homefor no satisfaction. Finally something to rave about whilst stuck here with my husband.