Tigre restaurant recommendations?


Sep 2, 2009
i will be tour leader for some out of country guests soon and i wanted to take them to Tigre...then take a water taxi up to one of the restaurants...any recommendations of ones that are great? it doesnt have to be cheap....(when I have gone in the past, i just pick one at random, but i want this trip to be more planned )....thanks for your time,
howard...can you personally recommend any one restaurant on the list? thanks again for your time...
PERSONALLY NO I CAN,T SORRY,BUT DON,T WORRY YOU.LL GET REPLIES ON HERE VERY SOON...I used to eat delicious food at a very small place at the side of the fruit market,but for the life of me i can,t remember the name(wasn,t on an island though),good luck
Yes, GATO BLANCO is probably the only decent restaurant on the delta islands. I haven't been there in years. I hear that it is overrun with tourists and expensive. Food is average, according to someone who was there recently. It's more interesting than eating at a place in the city of Tigre.