Come aboard, explore with us the Paraná river delta in tigre

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Mar 10, 2021
The delta of the Paraná river is one of the largest in the world, a network of waterways and islands cover about 14.000 square kilometers where you can enjoy beautiful sights and an amazing biodiversity.
I am a retired physician and have been sailing this region since my childhood. For the last 3 years I worked on Fitzcarraldo to fully adapt her to the requirements of the Argentinean Coast Guard (Prefectura Naval) to get the mandatory permits for transporting passengers on board. I took courses to get a professional license for this purpose called "Patron Profesional de Yate a Vela y Motor" (equivalent to a USA Coast Guard 25/50/100 Ton Master´s Captain)

I speak fluent English, German, French, Portuguese and Spanish and also some Italian.

Give me a call +54 11 3500 9366 or write to: [email protected] for more information or arranging a half or full day tour for up to 10 people. We may also arrange having live music (Tango / Classical, etc) on board, or hire professional biologists / ornithologists if you like birdwatching. Free cold and warm beverages and meals are available.
What a superb project and so much in the spirit of Brian Fitzgerald! I wish you every success
Thanks a lot for your comment, and please let me clarify that I named my boat after Carlos (Charles) Fitzcarrald`s quest, a Peruvian rubber baron who pulled a 320 ton steamboat over a mountain. My struggles to get my boat ready and have all my paperwork done were more or less equivalent to Fitzcarrald`s adventure. ;-)

BTW: I recommend you to watch the Movie "Fitzcarrald" (1982) starred by Claudia Cardinale, Klaus Kinsky, Mike Jagger (yes, the Rolling Stone!). There are versions in German and English, also with captions in other languages
If you have in mind the real rubber baron, I defer. I was alluding to Klaus Kinski's character in the movie. A brilliant endeavour regardless!
Hello, that is a great project. I love the Tigre. I will definitely call you up for a trip.
Birdwatching sounds wonderful
Great! Fall and spring are (in my opinion) the most beautiful seasons in Tigre.
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