to move or not to move? c`est la question


Aug 20, 2005
Hello, everyone,

this is my fourth visit to this beautiful city. I plan to move next year and am here now looking for an apartment to buy. I would appreciate all the advice I can have, since my connections are of somewhat dubious nature and scattred between the local immobilaria people to my tango parejas. Not the most reliable and trustworthy sources of information.
I am a tango dancer, writer and small business owner from the pacific northwest. I should have moved here perhaps a year ago (I do find prices went up), but was somewhat hesitant to move again (I have changed and straddled too many worlds in my life). Would like to meet someone outside of my tango circle for some reality check.
Thank you for reading this and hope to meet you soon.
Read carefully the article on this website by Michael Koh. Take your time and be very careful. Don't get cheated!
Hello there. I also dance Tango, and am married to a Pro, but this comes just as an expat "friend"! You do have to be careful when buying real estate here, but there are lots of options. I have done a few transactions, and have learned from them. If you would like the number of an honest realtor, who usually has excellent properties, I can pass her number along to you. I don't think she speaks great English, but maybe you speak spanish. I also can pass along to you the name & number of an honest "escribana"- you MUST have one to purchase or sell real estate here (in the US we use lawyers instead).

I would recommend being sure of the barrio you'd like to live in. Sometimes you can change your mind about an area after six months or a year. Everything is well connected in the Cap Fed, so it's probably best to go by where you like spending your free time and feel "at home". I really like the area I live in, and therefore enjoy living here a lot.

Good luck, and let me know if you would like those numbers.