To move or not to move....


Nov 6, 2008
Hola a todos!

I have a little quandary at the moment - I'm pretty much dedicated to moving down to Bs As from Prague with my Argentinian girlfriend in about 5 weeks; however having read many not-so-optimistic posts about the changing situation in yonder city/country, I'm left pondering whether it's a good idea.

I have a job lined up - to work from home building websites for US-based clients, but the actual business is quite new so I can't be sure when I can expect to be able to live off the earnings. Hence my acceptance that I may have to look for a mid-term solution to keep the bills paid. I have a TEFL certificate and a few months experience, so am thinking this could be one way to buffer the fate of an empty bank account and resulting homelessness. My Spanish is pretty bad at the moment, but I'm a quick learner and am determined to get it asap.

The question I have, is whether in the current state of the country/world economy, it makes sense to make the move. I'm really excited about it all and am determined to make it work, but I also don't want to be stoopid.

Is there enough work (English teaching or otherwise) for expats, and are prices rocketing up there to such a degree that the $4,000 US I was hoping to be able to live off for four months will now last me just one?

It seems that things are changing pretty rapidly there (and everywhere else in fact), and although I realise that no one has a crystal ball for these matters, I'm wondering if anyone could share any gut feelings they might have regarding the idea of setting up shop in Bs As during this here crisis climate (OK so perhaps little dramatic).

I really appreciate any feedback anyone can give about this - many thanks in advance!
Have a good weekend