Top 6 Places to Run in Buenos Aires


I really enjoyed running in the Reserva Ecologica. Encountered tortoises on multiple occasions.

One big problem with Reserva though is that it is not open until, I think, 8am which is too late in the summer heat.

This is just one of the things that shocked me in Argentina -- everything opens so late. Like Starbucks -- many American Starbucks are open at 4-5am. Argentine Starbucks are not open until 7am!!!


You can run in bosques de Palermo. Remember people have dinner at 9/10pm which is very late compared to Europe/America so I guess that’s why cafes open later too


I was planning to run in bosques de Palermo in the early morning but after doing some research in the crimes in BA I'm having second thoughts.

It is very different from the culture in major US cities - people starting the day so late and having dinner so late.