Transferring money from English bank - Argentine bank


Hi everyone. I need to transfer some money from my Barclays account in England to my Standard Bank account in Argentina and would like to know if anybody has done anything like this and what to expect from the Argentine bank and the costs they charge. Also if anybody knows a better way to transfer money I would be grateful to any advice I can be given.


Each bank will have an individual charge. I did this several years ago and was charged about 8 pounds (maybe a bit more) by HSBC. I also had to go to the receiving branch of HSBC and fill in some forms. I think now, though, everytime you receive a money transfer from abroad, you have to go to central bank so that it will be authorised (they have to check the origin of the money and make sure you're paying taxes on it). If its only a bit of money, you might be better off getting a western union transfer or something. If not, your banks will be able to tell you more about the charges (and lios) involved!